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Main » 2010 » September » 11 » Halo ce server
7:02 PM
Halo ce server
Update: The core custom maps is having problems and not showing up on the list we will fix asap
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Total comments: 6
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6 David Chang  
steam is t850terminator
xfire is t850terminator

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5 -SPOOKY-  
And my Xfire is lukinhoman2000 <-- ADD ME

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4 -SPOOKY-  
Hey add me on msn my email is lukinhoman95@hotmail.com

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2 Anzeis  
ps: my email is north.of.nowhere@hotmail.com

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1 Anzeis  
Can you send me a copy of your "events.txt" file??
or can you tell me how to add the speed command to the events file??

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3 Bio  
Sure, do you have xfire? Or msn I can send it via those to I.M. programs

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