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Main » 2011 » January » 16 » THE BIG BOY MAP PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:35 PM
THE BIG BOY MAP PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This map pack will top all other map packs, I promise. Never download another map again for Halo Custom Edition!!! Ever!! Wanna know why it's called "THE BIG BOY" well because it has over 150 maps!!!!! PLUS you get an auto-updater so you ALWAYS get the newest map additions!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the best map pack I've made, this time we've just crammed soooooooooooooo many maps in it!!!!!!!!!!!! Please thank SinZ DB Hosting xD for being ever so nice to host this massive map pack!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plz note that it will take me some time to get the whole thing online just coz of it's size!!!

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Total comments: 9
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9 dude  
HALO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

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8 dude  
[size=22]i need u 2 send me a download by email please and thank u, because i can barely get online because my room is usually dirty

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7 Bio  
I'm just working on the final touches, it should be done by tonight. It will most certainly be uploaded by at least tomorrow. Once it is ready to be downloaded I will add a new news entry with the download link!

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6 Bio  
Look when I get home I'll try repacking the setup files, then I need to upload the massive file via my fps(which will take some time). Note* that having all of these maps will cause Halo Custom Edition to take a longer period of time to start up, this is because it has to load a little piece of data from each map to recognise that it's there.

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5 dude  
when does the pack come out because i need at least an estimate date

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4 Bio  
lolol I can't release it coz it's too large to release, but hopefully I will fix those problems and it will come out soon!!!

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3 David Chang  
when does this come out?
i really need it.

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2 enrique  
mm, donde esta el link de descarga de los mapas no lo encuentro pero gracias

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1 Bio  
Note: this map pack is incomplete, this is what the update function is for so don't worry if your favorite map isn't there!

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