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Main » 2010 » July » 14 » The Core servers
1:54 AM
The Core servers
The Core host servers for minecraft and halo, when in normal operation none of these servers should have any sort of password. Due to recent problems with some of my server and are internet service the servers will not always be up and running 24/7, we have also encountered data loss for all servers. These will effect some of the basic settings and map data on are Halo ce server and minecraft server, we are currently trying to recover this data but for now have started over for the time being. I hope this answer all of the questions I have been getting and I am also sorry for the data which has been lost, At some point I will open discussion for my servers, but for now enjoy!

Cheers, The Core
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Hey, we've been playin Minecraft together lately, and Brohemius and I were wondering if we could get the IP address of TheCore! so we can play full screen, cuz we just bought the game. Thanks if we can have it, and no problem if we can't. I'll see you in flatgrass or city_build!

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