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11. francisco torres [dude]   (2011-04-17 8:09 AM)
dude allthese files are loaded onto my pc and im gonna be grounded, thx a lot bio!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10. pwn doctor   (2011-03-14 7:24 PM)
hey bio been kick by some dude on team speak for 117 days 37 weeks and 30 hours because i had a bad name culd u like un ban me or something i realy dont see the piont of admin anymore the people who use it r mean and hate me for some reason sad sad sad sad

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9. pwn doctor   (2011-03-11 1:07 PM) E-mail
hey bio hazzard wen can i be admin been waytin a while

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8. CYBER   (2011-03-10 3:43 PM) E-mail
make me an admin

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7. Bio Hazzard [Bio]   (2010-09-08 11:56 PM)
Sorry about the server problems lately but I can't monitor the servers 24/7 as I need to sleep so some times they do crash overnight. In the event of one of our servers crashing overnight various systems which have been put in place will attempt to restart the server, which should take around a minute or so. And if the server is still down then please please post some sort of comment in here as I read these comments reasonably frequently and will be able to fix and make a note of the problem to try to prevent further problems. Thanks again for your feedback and I hope you enjoy Halo Custom Edition and playing it in my servers tongue

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6. Dakkeh   (2010-08-04 8:00 AM)
Yeah so where did the server go? :x

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5. Bio Hazzard [Bio]   (2010-07-09 1:40 PM)
I'll post a news entry explaining about our servers and how they operate, I hope that will answer your question. I am also able to improve the forum will talk to you about that later.

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4. Luke Thompson [[TE]Luke]   (2010-07-07 7:30 AM)
Site's pretty good! I love your server though, its awesome! When you say "aww" the server goes sad biggrin

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3. alex duyck [controls]   (2010-07-01 6:38 PM)
hey i want to join ambush game... but there is a password sad

can somoene say what it is

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2. alex duyck [controls]   (2010-07-01 5:51 AM) E-mail
i love this server


i like the site but can it have a good forum?
so we can have different sections and write different stuff


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1. Bio Hazzard [Bio]   (2010-06-07 11:34 PM)
Hey people site is moving very fast so please comment and tell us how we are doing! tongue


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