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This map pack will top all other map packs, I promise. Never download another map again for Halo Custom Edition!!! Ever!! Wanna know why it's called "THE BIG BOY" well because it has over 150 maps!!!!! PLUS you get an auto-updater so you ALWAYS get the newest map additions!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the best map pack I've made, this time we've just crammed soooooooooooooo many maps in it!!!!!!!!!!!! Please thank SinZ DB Hosting xD for being ever so nice to host this massive map pack!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plz note that it will take me some time to get the whole thing online just coz of it's size!!!

Views: 527 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2011-01-16 | Comments (9)

This map pack contains all of the amazing maps made by CMT (Community Mapping Team)
The descriptions and maps are listed below, there are four maps in the pack making a file size of 144 MB.

Enjoy, The Core

Views: 1073 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2011-01-15 | Comments (1)

Hey guys I'm gonna be making my own brand of custom computers, the brand will be called "The core computers" for now. Seeming people are going to want to see what it will look when it's done I have decided to uploaded some pictures of what it will look like when it is done. The following photos are what the REAL finished product will look like!!! It will cost $999!!!! This is half of the price of retail computers with the SAME specs as mine!!!!

Views: 808 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-12-29 | Comments (4)

Update: The core custom maps is having problems and not showing up on the list we will fix asap
Views: 540 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-09-11 | Comments (6)

Halo broadcast, soon this will be 24/7!!!!

Views: 441 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-08-06 | Comments (0)

I've been working on the site some more and were almost back to are normal........ phew
Views: 412 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-07-24 | Comments (0)

Deleted some of the content on the site, everything is stuffed you can thank me for doing that! Will be back to normal asap

Views: 428 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-07-16 | Comments (2)

The Core host servers for minecraft and halo, when in normal operation none of these servers should have any sort of password. Due to recent problems with some of my server and are internet service the servers will not always be up and running 24/7, we have also encountered data loss for all servers. These will effect some of the basic settings and map data on are Halo ce server and minecraft server, we are currently trying to recover this data but for now have started over for the time being. I hope this answer all of the questions I have been getting and I am also sorry for the data which has been lost, At some point I will open discussion for my servers, but for now enjoy!

Cheers, The Core
Views: 507 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-07-15 | Comments (1)

This is the original Minecraft Client from WoM converted into an easy .exe file. It will give you FLY HACKS!! Plus the Heart function which works when you press the "H" key and the penis Function which works when you press "K" these functions draw the shape in front of you! You will also be able to see through glass TOTALLY you have to see it to know what I mean. So in short words this makes a good replacement for playing Minecraft on the web and even the normal Desktop Client which doesn't have these extra functions.


The "Dump level" and "Screenshot" function will work as normal though the files for "Dump level" and "Screenshot" will be located in a temporary folder which may be hard to find, using the search function on your computer may assist you in finding these files.

Views: 1390 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-07-07 | Comments (2)

You can now download Eight of the best halo ce maps! Simply download this .exe file and it will extract the files for you. Just tell it to extract the files to your halo ce folder, then select your maps folder and extract!!
Click Here to Download!

The map pack comes in an easy to install .exe file and dose all of the hard work for you!

The maps that are included are listed below:

          &n ... Read more »
Views: 2275 | Added by: Bio | Date: 2010-06-13 | Comments (5)

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